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How can I tell if my computer has a virus? If you have any reason to think a virus is infecting your computer, you should scan your hard drive with an antivirus program like the one provided in the Verizon Internet Security Suite This is the only reliable way to know if your computer has a virus.

Symptoms of computer viruses can vary significantly because there are so many types of viruses. The most common symptoms are:
  • Inexplicable system crashes
  • Programs taking significantly longer to start
  • A decrease in computer processing speed without reason
  • Excessive attempts to access the hard drive, even for simple tasks
  • Files are suddenly corrupted or don't work properly
  • A sharp reduction in available memory and system resources for no apparent reason
  • Programs or files that are suddenly missing
  • Programs or files that are created without your permission
  • A sudden reduction in available hard drive space
  • The changing of a volume or disk's name
  • Strange messages or displays on your monitor
  • The playing of unusual sounds or music at random times

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