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Connecting a netbook to your wireless home network

What is a netbook computer?

A netbook computer is a smaller version of a laptop or notebook computer. They are characterized by their smaller size, lighter weight, less computing power, and lower price tags than a laptop. Netbooks often don't have CD or DVD drives and are more dependent on web-based applications.

You can take advantage of the portability of your netbook computer to connect to thousands of Verizon hotspots available through the Verizon Wi-Fi service. Verizon Wi-Fi is a free service with select FiOS Internet plans.

Netbook Computer 
Connecting a netbook to your wireless network

Verizon's In-Home Agent is available to help you connect a netbook computer to your wireless home network. You can let In-Home Agent do the work for you, or you can manually connect your netbook to your home network.

Use In-Home Agent to connect to a wireless home network in Windows XP 

Manually connect to a wireless home network in Windows XP

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