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 Setting user permissions in Windows Vista
  1. Click on the down arrow, select the person with whom you're willing to sharing your folder, and click Add.

  2. Figure depicting Choose people to share with screen

  3. The person you've selected for sharing, initially is assigned "Reader" permissions. To change the level of permissions, click on the down arrow after the permission level and select the new permission level for this user. [Show Me]

    • Reader - Allows users to view shared files and run shared programs but doesn't allow them to change or delete files.
    • Contributor - Allows users to view all files, add files, and change or delete any files they added to the folder. They can't change or delete files that anyone else has saved to the folder.
    • Co-owner - Users have the same permissions as the owner. They can view, change, add, or delete any files in the folder.

  4. Click Share when you have entered everyone with whom you want to share folders. [Show Me]


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