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Troubleshooting a slow connection: Remove spyware
  1. Check the programs on your computer to see if you have program that scans for spyware by clicking on Start in the left Taskbar.

  2. Click All Programs. The programs loaded on your computer will display. If you have a program that scans for spyware, double-click the name of the program in the listing and follow the on-screen directions. [Show Me]

  3. If you don't have a program that scans for spyware, review the list of loaded programs for a virus scanning program like McAfee Antivirus or Symantec Antivirus. If you don't have a program for spyware or virus scanning, consider purchasing one of Verizon Online's products that offer spyware support assistance: Verizon Internet Security Suite, or Premium Technical Support

  4. In some cases, you can remove spyware by simply uninstalling the program or removing the virus that installed it. Unfortunately, many types of spyware are sophisticated enough to remain on your computer even after the original software is uninstalled.

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