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  1. Start Outlook Express.

  2. From the File menu, select the Import submenu and choose:

    • Address Book - Imports a WAB (Windows Address Book) file into Outlook Express.
    • Other Address Book - Imports the address book of a several popular email client and also allows you to import address books that have been exported/converted to CSV (comma separated values) format from their native

  3. If you selected Other Address Book, the Address Import Tool appears.

    NOTE: If you selected Address Book, a Dialogue Window will appear. Navigate to the location of the WAB file you wish to import, select it and then click Open. The contents of the WAB file are imported into Outlook Express.

  4. From the Address Import Tool, select the application that contains the address book you wish to import into Outlook Express and click Import. The Address Import Tool searches the selected application's address book and imports its content into Outlook Express.

    TIP: If the application you wish to import the addresses from is not listed in the Address Import Tool, export the address book from the source application into a CSV (comma separated values) file. This file type can then be imported into Outlook Express.

  5. On the Address Book Tool click Close.
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