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Protect your inbox from unwanted email Create a Block Senders list

email gives you the ability to screen incoming messages. You can set up a Block Sender List to block messages from a specific email address or domain; this is helpful if you don't want to receive messages from a particular email address and can't stop the sender from sending messages to you. A domain is the part of your email address that follows the @ symbol and usually corresponds to your email provider (ex. Blocking a sender is one of the best ways to keep spam and unwanted messages out of your Inbox. Your Block Sender list may contain up to 50 senders or domains.

To access the Block Senders screen:

  1. Log in to email.

  2. From the left navigation bar, click Options.

  3. From the Options tab, click Block Senders.

Note: If you are a pre-existing customer who currently maintains more than 50 blocked senders or domains, your Blocked Senders list may contain up to 300 senders of domains.

Create a Safe List

To make sure that messages from your friends aren't placed in a junk mail folder or immediately deleted, place select email addresses into a Safe List to guarantee receipt.

To access the Safe List:

  • Log in to email.

  • From the left navigation bar, click Options.

  • From the Options tab, click Block Senders then scroll to the bottom of the page.
  • Enter an email address or sub domain, even if the domain is blocked.

  • Create Email Filters

    Another way to protect your inbox from junk mail are Mail Filters. Using Mail Filters lets you sort mail and delete messages automatically. This is particularly helpful in filtering out spam before it reaches your inbox. With Mail Filters, you don't have to review and organize each incoming message. You can create mail filters to automatically deliver incoming messages to folders that you specify or you can have particular messages immediately deleted. Email filters are applied to your incoming messages in the order you create them.

    email lets you modify mail filters to your preference.

    To access the Mail Filters screen:

    1. Log in to email.

    2. From the left navigation bar, click Options.

    3. From the Options tab, click Mail Filters.

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