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Verizon Webmail Frequently Asked Questions
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You can still continue to enjoy the classic version

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Webmail. Send, receive, and manage your email

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Top Webmail Questions

General email Help

Mac Help

How do I change my settings to send email?

Webmail Graphic


Verizon Webmail overview
What is Verizon Webmail?

Setup and Use
Is there software that I need to download or disable before using Webmail?
What is the function of a Popup Blocker?
Which Browser is recommended for use with Verizon Webmail?

Viewing, Reading, and Deleting Messages
How do I check for new mail?
How do I delete messages? How can I delete a message without reading it first?
How can I see all recipients of a message?
How can I move a message or block of messages to a folder?
Why do I get a warning every time I attempt to open an attachment?

Where can I access Webmail preferences?
How do I set up Spam Detector?
How do I edit my signature?
Can I enlarge the application font?
Why aren't my outgoing messages saved in the Sent Items folder?
Does Webmail time me out?

Composing Messages
How do I compose a message? 
Can I add formatting to my messages?  
Where are my Add CC and Add BCC fields?   
How do I send an attachment?

Address book
How do I move messages and contacts into my new Webmail account?   
How do I add new contacts to my address book?  
How do I edit contact information? 
Are groups supported?   
How can I delete a contact and where are my contact options?

Managing the Preview Pane and Message Options
How do I view messages in a full window? Do I need to have the Preview Pane open?
I cannot view my messages list or my email content appears garbled. What should I do?
What type of message options are available to me?
How do I mark senders as spammers?

Online Protection
Checklist for protecting your account
Spam and viruses

Email Basics
Visit Email 101 for email basics and account safety information.

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