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Top Email Issues

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My Email is Not Working
  • I can't send or receive email
  • I can't sign in or access email

Deleted Emails

Outlook Express



Use Email

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Use Message Center
Our web-based email and calendar tool.

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Use Webmail
Our classic web-based email product. webmail graphic


Email Tools
Manage your sub accounts
Change your password
Use Spam Detector
Create an email alias
Set up vacation reply
Email Forwarding
Marketing preferences

Storage and Retention Policies

How long emails remain on the Verizon Server, what to do when you exceed your mailbox quota and how to handle deleted emails

Set up Email

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Primary Account (
You set up your account and selected your user name during your service installation.

Email Software
Once you set up your primary account you can set up email software.

Accounts for Friends and Family
Primary account holders can set up 8 additional sub-accounts.

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