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Why are some messages undeliverable? Email delivery usually fails for the following reasons:

  • The email address has been typed incorrectly.
  • Hardware or software problems with the email server may have prevented email delivery.
  • The email address may no longer be valid.
  • If the email has an attachment, it may be not be delivered because of the attachment's extension or size.
If your email message was undeliverable, you will most likely receive an email message containing an error report that explains why the message couldn't be delivered.

What to do if you get an email error report:

  1. Verify that you typed the email address correctly.
  2. Open a Web page to see if you have an active Internet connection.
  3. If your Internet connection is active, try sending email to someone else to verify that your email software settings are correct.
  4. Check your email settings.
  5. Call the person you are emailing to find out if her or his mailbox is full (that is, over the permitted size limit), disabled, or not working for some other reason. Email servers will reject mail sent to full or nonactive mailboxes.
  6. Check the email error report for explanations of the delivery failure. The messages in this report provide important reasons why your email couldn't be delivered.
If other people can receive email from you, wait a while and try sending the "undeliverable" email again. Often problems like this are intermittent, and waiting a little while is all that it takes.

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