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How can I protect my computer from spyware?
  • The Verizon Internet Security Suite includes anti-spyware software. By paying an additional monthly fee for the Verizon Internet Security Suite, you can regularly scan your computer and remove any spyware that is found.

  • Use a hardware or software firewall. FiOS customers have a hardware firewall built into the D-Link router. Most of the modems used by DSL customers also have built-in hardware firewalls.

  • Verify that your Internet Explorer security settings provide the appropriate level of security.

  • Keep your software up-to-date. It is important to download the latest patches and updates to your software packages; especially programs associated with your operating system, email, or Web browser.

  • Be very careful when downloading software from the Internet. Make sure you know exactly what you are installing onto your computer when you download applications off the Internet. Check the software creator's Web site very carefully.

  • Many of the more reputable shareware and freeware Web sites now include information on whether spyware is bundled with the software you can download. You may want to limit your software downloading to sites that provide this additional level of security.

  • Carefully read the security warnings before allowing the installing of an application while you visit a Web site. Clicking on the product name hyperlink displays the End User License Agreement (EULA).

  • Carefully read the EULA. The EULA should explain exactly what software will be installed and any limitations on how you can use it. If the EULA is hard to find or unreasonably difficult to understand, you may not want to download the software. Click Yes only after reading the EULA and only if you are confident of the reputation of the company supplying the software.

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