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Verizon One Troubleshooting You can use the lights on the side panel of your Verizon One device to help diagnose connectivity issues. Follow the steps below to diagnose and test the possible solutions for any connectivity issues you're experiencing.

Figure depicting Verizon One Diagnostic Lights
Many connection issues are solved by simply rebooting the modem within Verizon One.
  • Hold down the asterisk (*) key on the numeric key pad and then press the "Volume Up" and "Volume Down" keys at the same time. Hold down all 3 keys for three seconds.
  1. Is the Power light illuminated?
    1. Light is solid green: Verizon One is getting power. Go to Step 2.
    2. Light is off: Verizon One isn't getting power.
    3. Light is solid red: If the power light remains lit more than 2 seconds after it runs its internal self-test on power up, your Verizon One device can't boot or is experiencing a device malfunction.

  2. Is the DSL/RDY light illuminated?
    1. Light is solid green: Verizon One is synchronized with your DSL line.
    2. Light is flashing green: Verizon One is trying to synchronize with your DSL line.
    3. Light is off: Verizon One is unable to synchronize with your DSL line.

  3. Is the Internet light illuminated?
    1. Light is solid green: Verizon One has successfully connected to an IP address.
    2. Light is solid red: Verizon One has attempted to connect to an IP address but the connection failed.
    3. Light is off. Verizon One is not getting power, the device is in Bridge Mode, or an Internet connection is not available.
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