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Why do I need my Verizon Online user name and password?
  • To connect to the Internet
    Each time you connect to the Internet using your Verizon Online service, you sign in with your Verizon Online user name and password. Verizon High Speed Internet customers: You may not see sign-in prompts if your computer or your modem is set up to sign in for you automatically.

  • To access your Verizon Online email
    You need your user name and password to access your email. Learn more about accessing your email.

  • To access Verizon Online features and services
    You need your user name and password to access features and services such as:

    My Account - an online set of tools you can use to:
    • Create sub-accounts so other members in your family have their own email accounts
    • View your latest bill online
    • Set up an email alias
    • Turn on email forwarding
    • Switch on spam filtering
    • Set up a vacation message autoreply

    My Account
    Go to My Account
    Verizon Central - a single page that provides you with:
    • A preview of your latest email
    • Meters showing your email and web storage usage
    • A summary of your current sub-account usage
    • A view into your online calendar
    • Timely announcements regarding your Verizon Online service

    Verizon Central
    Go to Verizon Central
Access other features like My Web Space, Verizon Online Backup & Sharing , and more.
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