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Checklist for protecting yourself online Shopping online, using email, or surfing the Internet shouldn't leave you feeling vulnerable to virus attacks, identity theft or other security breaches. In fact, most Internet security issues are easily preventable and only require a few updates to your computer and some common sense.

We have provided the following checklist of tips for protecting yourself from security attacks. Whether you are just setting up your computer or need to update your computer's security settings, these tips will cut down the likelihood that a security attack will affect you.

Computer and virus protection
Figure Depicting a checkboxUse anti-virus software.
Figure Depicting a checkboxUse firewalls to protect your computer from hackers.
Figure Depicting a checkboxRegularly update your security patches.

Email protection
Figure Depicting a checkboxPrevent viruses by not opening spam email.
Figure Depicting a checkboxReview the latest virus information on the Verizon Online Internet Security Center.

Identity protection
Figure Depicting a checkboxUse a password that is hard to guess.
Figure Depicting a checkboxVisit secure Web sites when you are using your credit card online.
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