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 If WPA2 and WPA encryption are more secure, why does Verizon ship its routers with WEP encryption enabled? Security has always been a top priority for Verizon. When it became apparent that many Verizon customers weren’t setting up any security when they installed their home networks, Verizon shipped routers and gateways with WEP encryption turned on by default. Because WEP encryption is compatible with nearly all networking devices, this ensured that networks would be set up with security activated unless a customer purposely turned it off.

WEP encryption is useful for preventing unintentional connections to your wireless home network and offers virtually universal compatibility with wireless devices. However, it does not protect networks against a determined hacker. WPA2 should be your first choice for network encryption if it’s compatible with your network devices.

See also: What compatibility issues should I consider before using WPA2 or WPA encryption?
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