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 Creating a new port forwarding rule for a Westell device
  1. Enter a name for the port forwarding service you're configuring in the Enter a name for the custom service field.

  2. Create new rule

  3. Select Port forwarding or Port triggering to indicate how you want your Westell device to handle modem traffic. [Show Me]

  4. Select the protocol for the port forwarding rule you're creating. [Show Me]

  5. Enter the GlobalPortStart, Global PortEnd, and Base HostPort information, as provided by the service you're setting up port forwarding to accommodate.

  6. Port settings

  7. Select In or Out to indicate the allowed direction of the connection. "In" represents a connection from the Internet to your computer, while "Out" is for a connection from your computer to the Internet. If you're unsure, selecting "In" will work for most applications. [Show Me]

    • Note: The Direction and Port Direction fields may not be included for your gateway, depending on the version of firmware running on it.

  8. If you selected "Out" in the previous field, select Src or Dst to indicate the whether the outbound port direction is the source or the destination. [Show Me]

  9. Click Apply to save your entries.

  10. Review the port forwarding settings and click Close. [Show Me].

    Privacy SettingsAccept CookiesAccept Cookies Create new rulePort forwarding entryProtocolProtocolPort settingsConnection directionPort directionCloseSelect new ruleWay service will be activatedSelect computer or LANClose SolutionDesc2=xxxxx
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