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Linksys wireless BEFW11S4 Router connection issues
  1. I can't connect to the Wireless Router.
    • Verify that the Wireless Router is properly installed, LAN connections are OK, and that the router is turned on.

    • Make sure that your PC is using an IP address within the default range of to, which is compatible with the wireless router's default IP Address of

    • The Network Mask should be set to to match the wireless router. In the Wireless Router, you can check these settings by going to the Basic Setup screen.

  2. I can't browse through the Wireless Router.
    • Make sure that both ends of the network cable and power adapter are properly connected and that the status lights on the front panel are functioning properly.

    • If using Windows® 95 or 98, check the TCP/IP setup on the client side. Run "winipcfg" by clicking Start and then selecting Run. The PC should have an IP address of ("xxx" can be any number from 2 to 254.) Network Mask is; the default gateway IP should be the router's IP Address.

    • Make sure that the same values are in the Basic Setup screen of the Wireless Router web-based utility.

  3. When I enter a URL or IP address, I get a time-out error.
    • Make sure that the other PCs work. If they do, ensure that your workstation's IP settings are correct (IP address, Network Mask, Gateway, and DNS).

    • If the PCs are configured correctly but still not working, check the Wireless Router to make sure that it is connected and turned on. Once this is the case, check its settings. If you cannot connect to the Wireless Router, check the LAN and power connections.

    • If the Wireless Router is configured correctly, make sure that your modem is working correctly. Use the power switch on the back of the modem to turn off the power, wait 15 seconds, and then turn the modem back on. After waiting 45 seconds to allow the modem to synchronize to the server, try reconnecting to the Internet.

      Note: If your modem doesn't have an on/off switch, unplug the modem from its power source in place of turning the modem off.

    • If your modem is plugged into a surge protector, try plugging it directly into the power outlet in the wall.
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