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Internet Connections and Troubleshooting
Figure depicting IHA BADGE
The links below provide information on diagnosing and solving connection issues. This includes troubleshooting tips for solving Internet problems like the inability to access the Internet or a slow Internet connection. Connectivity also includes the needed information to re-install your DSL hardware or the steps to add a computer to your home network.

Note: It is assumed that you have installed your modem and have a Verizon Online account. If you have not installed your modem, please insert the installation CD provided by Verizon Online into your CD drive and follow the installation directions provided.

Troubleshooting your connection
My Internet connection seems slow
I can't connect to the Internet
I periodically lose my Internet connection
How can I increase the signal strength of my wireless router or gateway?
I hear hissing or noise when I connect to the Internet

Re-installing Verizon High Speed Internet
How do I re-install Verizon High Speed Internet if I move my computer to another room?
How do I install Verizon High Speed Internet on my new computer?
Can I transfer my Verizon High Speed Internet service if I move?

Connecting additional computers to a home network
How do I connect additional computers to my wireless home network?

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Web Browser error messages
Hardware troubleshooting
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