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If you have a wall-mounted phone, you will need to purchase a wall-mount filter. You can purchase a wall-mount filter from your local computer retailer.

Remember: Installing filters on your phone devices is Step 1 of the Verizon Online DSL installation process. You need to install filters on all phone devices using a telephone line before installing your modem.You'll install your modem in Step 2 of the installation process.

Figure depicting filter installation on a wall-mount phone
Wall mount filter installation

To install a wall-mount filter:
  1. If the wall phone has a locking lever, unlock it first.

  2. Remove the wall phone by pushing it up gently from the bottom, and then pull the phone away from the wall. Disconnect the phone cord.

  3. Plug the wall mount filter cord into the phone jack.

  4. Mount the filter by aligning the slots on the filter with the mounting pegs on the wall jack, and press down gently to secure it.

  5. Plug the phone cord into the front of the wall mount filter. Align the slots on the wall phone with the mounting pegs on the wall mount filter, and then press down gently to secure it. If the wall phone has a locking lever, relock it after mounting.


  • Do not install a filter on your modem
  • Figure depicting not installing a filter on your modem

  • Do not install filters on empty phone jacks
Next steps

Install additional filters
on other phone devices


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Step 2: Install DSL hardware

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