Verizon Whole-Home Wi-Fi with Fios Home Internet FAQs

Verizon Whole-Home Wi-Fi  lets you enjoy Wi-Fi coverage throughout your home. Especially helpful to  cover larger homes or overcome obstacles like brick and concrete walls. Get coverage, even in those hard to reach places.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Tips for improving Wi-Fi Performance

Choose a central location

The further your device is from a router or extender, the weaker the Wi-Fi signal will be. Make sure your router and/or extender are placed in a central location to most of the rooms in your home.

Place up high

Wi-Fi signals can be slowed as they pass through walls, furniture and other objects, Try placing the router or extender on a high shelf in a central location.

Be aware of building materials

Concrete and brick walls can weaken your Wi-Fi signal. Try to choose rooms with walls made of sheetrock or another relatively thin material when you're finding a place for your router and/or extender.

Avoid other interferance

Microwaves and TVs can interfere with your Wi-Fi. Mirrors can create dead spots. Move your router or extender as far away as possible from these items.

Be mindful of older equipment

Older equipment and devices, including computers, laptops and mobile devices, can slow down your connection. Try turning off their Wi-Fi when not using them. Periodically upgrading your hardware can also improve your connection's performance.