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How can I find an authorized payment location?

You can find authorized payment locations online.

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Will the authorized payment agent locations charge a fee?

There are both free and convenience locations. Following is an explanation of both types of locations:

Authorized free agents take payments at no cost to the customer. Not all areas have free agents.

Authorized convenience agents charge a small fee to make the payment. Not all areas have convenience agents.

Each free agent must post a sign stating that it is an authorized Verizon payment location and that no fee is charged to make a payment.

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Can an authorized payment location take payments for all jurisdictions?

Authorized agents cannot accept payments for all jurisdictions. If you live in NY, you may submit payments to authorized payment locations in NY and CT.

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How will I be charged at an authorized convenience location?

The authorized convenience agent will charge a fee for each account being paid.

For example, if you have 3 accounts and you are paying with one check, you will be charged 3 times the fee (once for each account). If you have one account but are paying with 2 checks, you will be charged a single fee amount.

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What type of payments will be accepted?

Authorized agents will accept cash (in US currency only), checks (no third party checks), travelers checks, and certified checks

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What information do I need to provide to the agent when making a payment?

You must provide the agent with a page from your current bill or suspension/denial notice at the time of payment. This bill or notice will contain your Verizon account number.

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What information will be included on my receipt?

 Each receipt will contain–at a minimum–the following information:

  • Unique agent identifier/ID
  • Date and time payment made
  • Unique payment approval/transaction number
  • Complete account number being paid
  • Amount paid

If the agent is a convenience agent, the receipt will also contain:

  • The amount remitted to Verizon
  • The fee amount paid to the agent (in cash)
  • The total amount the customer paid
  • Payment tender type (cash, check)

If you are making an advance payment or deposit payment, the receipt must state that the payment is for an advance payment or deposit.

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Will Verizon receive real-time notification of my payment?

Yes, Verizon will receive notice of the payment within minutes of the payment being made.

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When will the payment be posted to my account?

Payments will be posted to your account within 3 business days after the date of payment.

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Utilizing these payment locations may incur a convenience fee of up to $2.99 for this service. No portion of this fee is paid to Verizon. Payment locations will accept a check or cash, or money order as means of payment.