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  • Changing the Name on Your Account CHANGING THE NAME ON YOUR FIOS ACCOUNT
    • If you need to change the name on your Fios account because your name has been legally changed, you can make the change by contacting 1.800.VERIZON (1.800.837.4966). You will need to provide your billing account number when you call.

    • If you need to transfer ownership of a Fios account to someone else’s name due to the death of the account holder you can make that change by contacting 1.800.VERIZON (1.800.837.4966). You will need to provide the billing account number when you call.
    • If you need to transfer ownership of your Fios account to someone else for any other reason, both the existing (outgoing) account holder and the person assuming (incoming) ownership of the account must contact Verizon together. Both parties will need to stay on the phone during the entire change of account ownership process.
      • All billed charges up to the effective date of account transfer will be billed to the outgoing customer.
      • After the effective date of the account transfer, the incoming customer will be responsible for all billed charges to the account going forward.
      • For the account transfer to be processed, both parties must agree to these terms.

    • If you have any of our Broadband Essentials and Extras services, you will have the option to keep these services or disconnect them after the account is transferred to the new account holder
    • Your email account will not be impacted by the change.
    • If you currently use the FREE Verizon Cloud 5GB storage feature, all content will be lost once the account is transferred. You should upgrade to a paid Cloud storage or take other actions to transfer your content before the account is transferred and all content is removed.

    • If the services that you are assuming are currently in a term agreement, you will need to maintain those bundled services for the remainder of that term. A prorated early termination fee of up to $230 will apply if you cancel your bundled services early.
    • If you only disconnect some of the services that make up your term agreement before that contract expires, you will likely still lose any discounts against the services you kept that were part of that bundle. You may also be charged an early termination fee for disconnecting those services from a contract before it expires.
    • If there are a sports subscription channels on the account, such as MLB Extra Innings or NHL Center Ice, that include an auto-renewal option, that subscription will continue to auto-renew at the beginning of each new season at the current price at the time of renewal. To opt out of auto-renewal sign into My Verizon at; select My Services, then TV; select the Manage button in the My Fios TV Plan section; go to Annual Sports Package Subscriptions to opt out
    • If Fios by Verizon Internet service is present on the account you are assuming, before the Internet service can be used, you will need to visit to register and accept the Verizon Online terms of service. Once the registration process is complete, you’ll be able to upgrade your Internet speed or make any other changes to your account.

    • If Fios TV service is present on the account, the TV equipment being transferred to the new account owner will retain any existing settings such as parental controls. If a DVR is included on the account, any recorded content will also be retained on that device. The outgoing customer can delete the existing settings and content by resetting the Set-Top box(es). Using the established PIN on the account, the incoming customer will be able to adjust the content and settings to his liking once he assumes ownership of the account.
    • If Internet service is present on the account, we strongly recommend that the outgoing customer reset the router settings to “factory settings.” Once the transfer of account ownership is complete, the incoming customer should reset the router’s username and password, and wireless password, including any passwords for a guest network. We strongly recommend that the incoming customer reset the router’s security to WPA2. If the router is not reset, the incoming customer will need the router username and password, and wireless password, from the outgoing customer or will need to reset the router by the incoming customer. The incoming customer will be responsible for the router settings at the time of account transfer and the additional security risks presented until the router settings are reset and changed after the account transfer is completed. To reset the router, use a paperclip to press and hold down the router reset button for at least 10 seconds.
    • If, for any reason, the Change of Account Ownership order is cancelled before the order is complete, the outgoing customer will remain financially responsible for the account and the transfer of ownership will not occur. A new order will need to be placed to re-establish the change in account ownership request.

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