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  • Stopping Unauthorized Charges Verizon provides billing and collection services to third parties where the customer has expressly authorized the charges submitted as well as the placement of such charges on the customer’s monthly telephone bill. If you notice a charge from a third party provider on the telephone bill that you did not authorize, please contact Verizon to discuss the charge. Verizon also offers you the option to block the placement of unaffiliated third-party charges at no additional cost.

    Additional blocks for long distance calling, 900/976 dialing, collect calls and 3rd party calls are also available. Blocks do not apply to charges from Verizon business partners such as Verizon Wireless. If you wish to order any of these blocking options, please call 1-800-Verizon (1-800-837-4966).

    Cramming is a term for unauthorized charges on your phone bill such as a monthly charge for voice mail or any charges for services that you have not requested.

    Inspect your monthly telephone bill to ensure that it correctly reflects the services you have ordered.

    If anything looks suspicious, investigate and contact Verizon immediately to resolve cramming issues.
    Protecting yourself against unauthorized charges
    • Check your phone bill each month for unauthorized charges.
    • Beware of sales calls. Know what you are authorizing before they agree.
    • Read the fine print on all contracts, applications, or contest entry forms you sign. Avoid any that seem vague.
    • Do not accept collect calls from people you do not know and do not return calls to unfamiliar area codes and numbers.
    • Beware of faxes, email, voice mail, or pages you receive that ask you to call an unfamiliar area code and number.
    • Pay close attention to voice prompts when you reach a voice messaging system. You may be asked to accept charges for the call or for other services.
    Bill Block Bill Block prevents companies from "cramming" or adding services or charges to your bill without your knowledge or permission.

    Verizon provides Bill Block for your protection at no charge.

    Note Bill Block does not prevent associated toll charges, operator service charges, monthly fees, 900/976 calls, or dial-around charges from your long distance provider.

    Contact Verizon to request Bill Block for your account.

    See also: Related Customer Rights and Safety topics
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