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  • How to Use Anonymous Call Rejection You must activate Anonymous Call Rejection for the service to begin. Activating Anonymous Call Rejection
    1. Lift your telephone's receiver and listen for a dial tone.

    2. Press *77 to activate Anonymous Call Rejection.
      Dial 1177 on rotary or pulse-dialing phones.

    3. Listen for a confirmation announcement that Anonymous Call Rejection is activated.
    Anonymous Call Rejection will remain on until you turn it off.
    Deactivating Anonymous Call Rejection
    1. Lift your telephone's receiver.

    2. Press *87 to deactivate Anonymous Call Rejection.
      Dial 1187 on rotary or pulse-dialing phones.

    3. Listen for a recording or confirmation tone that tells you that Anonymous Call Rejection is off.
    When Anonymous Call Rejection is off, all calls will reach you.
    How Anonymous Call Rejection works with other blocking features
    • Call Intercept - You cannot use Anonymous Call Rejection and Call Intercept at the same time. Deactivate Anonymous Call Rejection first.

    • Call Trace - Call Trace will work on the last number that called you, even if that number was blocked by Anonymous Call Rejection.
    • Call Block - If you have Call Block and it is on, callers whose numbers are on your list will not reach you, even if your Anonymous Call Rejection service is off.

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