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  • How Call Intercept Works This product is no longer available to new customers. Customers in CT, DC, DE, MA, NJ, NY, PA, RI, and VA who currently subscribe to the product and remove it will not be able to re-order.

    Call Intercept screens unidentified calls to your phone.
    • All calls that appear as "Anonymous," "Private," "Out of Area," or "Unavailable" on your Caller ID unit (or display phone) are answered by Call Intercept before your phone rings.
    • The system informs the caller that unidentified calls are not accepted. To reach you, the caller is instructed to record a name or enter an override code. If the caller does not do this, your phone will not ring.
    • Once a name has been recorded, your phone will sound a different ring from normal and "Call Intercept" appears on your display.
    • When you pick up your phone, you will hear the recorded name, followed by five call options: Accept or decline the call, refuse a sales call, reroute the call to Home Voice Mail, or repeat the recorded name.
    Note Call Intercept is not available in California, Florida, or Texas.

    Call Intercept Messages Heard By Your Caller

    When you answer your phone you will hear the recorded name of the caller. You have your choice of five response options.

    1 Accept call "Thank you. Please hold." Music plays until you answer.

    2 Decline call "The person you are calling is not available. Thank you. Good-bye."

    3 Refuse a sales call "The person you are calling does not accept phone solicitations. Please add their name to your Do Not Call list. Thank you. Good bye."

    4 Send to Verizon Home Voice Mail "Connecting to an answering system." Available only if you subscribe to Home Voice Mail.

    5 Repeat name of caller. You caller hears music until you answer or make a choice.

    Instructions for FiOS Digital Voice Calling Features

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