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  • Forwarding Calls From Other Phone Numbers Call Forwarding-No Answer/Busy Transfer is required on all phone numbers that forward to OnePoint Voice Mail. Depending on your Central Office, multiple phone numbers must be forwarded to either the system access number you use for OnePoint Voice Mail or to the phone number that has your OnePoint Voice Mail service (which will forward it to the system access number).

    Instructions for your area are included in the confirmation email you receive when you order OnePoint Voice Mail. Please save the email for future reference.

    If the service for your Multiple Number is provided by another carrier, please contact the carrier for assistance. Charges for call forwarding may vary by state and carrier. Long distance charges may apply. Alternate numbers located in a non-Verizon territory are subject to the operating telephone company's capabilities and may not be compatible or may require callers to reenter your telephone number in order to leave you a message. If your Verizon Wireless number will be answered by your OnePoint Voice Mail, you must use the No Answer/Busy Transfer feature included with your Verizon Wireless service to forward calls to your OnePoint Voice Mail.

    To activate this feature on your Verizon Wireless phone:
    1. Press *71

    2. Depending on your Central Office, enter the forwarding telephone number or your OnePoint Voice Mail system access number.
      Your confirmation email lists the number you must use.

    3. Press Send.

    To deactivate:
    1. Press *73

    2. When you hear the confirmation tone, press End.

    Visit if you have questions about charges or activation.

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