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  • Selective Call Forwarding With Scheduling - FiOS Digital Voice Incoming FiOS® Digital Voice phone calls to be forwarded to any number you want. You can choose to forward specific calls to another number and you can schedule Call Forwarding for certain times or days. Setting up Selective Call Forwarding With Scheduling
    1. Open the FiOS Digital Voice Account Manager.

    2. Click Calling Features on the left.

    3. Select Call Forwarding.

    4. Enter the number you want to forward to at Forward my incoming calls to:.

    5. If the number you want is not there, click Manage Forwarding Numbers and add a new number.

    6. Check Forward calls only from certain numbers.
      Make sure the selected numbers you want forwarded are listed or you can add them.

    7. Click Forward calls according to schedule to arrange a day and time for forwarding to begin.

    8. Click Add Schedule to finish.
    Note Call Forwarding is a dual feature with FiOS Digital Voice. Therefore, when selecting any Call Forwarding options on your Account Manager, you will automatically change any Call Forwarding settings previously set directly on your FiOS Digital Voice line. The Always Forward my calls option will always override any other forwarding choice.

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