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  • Call Notification - FiOS Digital Voice You can set up Call Notification to send you an email when you get a call from a specific phone number. Up to ten phone numbers can be programmed. Notifications will be sent even if you do not answer the call.

    To activate Call Notification:

    1. Sign in to the FiOS® Digital Voice Account Manager.

    2. Click Calling Features, then Call Notification.

    3. Enter the email address where you want to be notified.

    4. Click either Notify all incoming calls or Notify calls only from certain numbers.

    5. If you clicked Notify calls only from certain numbers, enter those phone numbers.
      You can enter up to ten phone numbers.

    6. Click Activate Call Notification.
      Call Notification will stay activated until you turn it off.
    Call Notification with Scheduling You can schedule when you want Call Notification to be activated.

    1. After you activate Call Notification following the steps above, click the Add Call Notification according to a schedule tab to open it.

    2. Select a start and end date and the time you want to be notified.

    3. Click Add Schedule.
      Your Call Notification will be scheduled for that specific date and time.
    You can view the scheduled Call Notification at any time by opening the the Call Notification tab or your Calendar.

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