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  • Phone Book - FiOS Digital Voice You can use your FiOS® Digital Voice online Phone Book to save your frequently called contacts, as well as key information, such as email addresses, home addresses, and much more.

    You can synchronize the information in your Phone Book with Palm, Outlook, Outlook Express, and Lotus Notes 7.1 so that you do not have to retype entries.

    Note In order to synchronize your Phone Book, you must have administrator access to a computer with Internet Explorer 6.0 or above, download the required software, and be signed in to your FiOS Digital Voice Account Manager.
    Phone Book System Requirements
    • Operating System – Microsoft® Windows® 2000/2003, XP, Vista;MAC System: MAC OS X Version 10.5.2
    • Browser – Internet Explorer® 6.0 or above, Firefox 3.0 or Safari3.1 or above
    • Plug-ins – Macromedia Flash Plug-in® 7.0
    • Screen Resolution – 800 x 600 or greater
    Adding a Contact to Your Phone Book
    1. Sign in to your FiOS Digital Voice Account Manager.

    2. Click Phone Book on the left.

    3. Click the Add a Contact tab to open it.

    4. Enter the information for the new contact.

    5. Click Save when you are finished.
    You can add a contact from your Call Log also

    1. Click the Calls and Messages tab to open it.

    2. Select the contact you want to add from the list of calls.

    3. When the dialog box opens, click Add to Phone Book/Update Entry.

    4. Click Save to add the contact to your Phone Book.
    Synchronizing Your Phone Book
    1. Sign in to your FiOS Digital Voice Account Manager.

    2. Click Phone Book on the left side.

    3. Click the Synchronize Phone Book tab to open it.

    4. To download the synchronization software, click Verizon Synchronization Software.
      You must have administrator access to your computer in order to download the required software and install it on your computer.

    5. After the software has been installed, click to open the Verizon Synchronization wizard.

    6. When the wizard opened, click Settings.

    7. Ensure that the default Address is selected.

    8. Checkmark those programs you want to synchronize with.

    9. In the Operation area, click Synchronize.

    10. Click OK.
      You are returned to the Synchronization wizard.

    11. Click Synchronize.
      Synchronization begins.

    12. Click Accept then Exit to accept all changes and close the wizard.
    Some mail services may not show all of your contact information after synchronization. In that case, a dialog box will open advising you to enter the missing information.

    1. Click OK to update your contacts.
      The missing information will appear as empty, white boxes.

    2. Enter the missing information.

    3. Click OK to save your changes.

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