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  • Sending a Fax Using FiOS Digital Voice
    1. Plug your fax machine into a working jack that is associated with your FiOS Digital Voice Telephone number

    2. Dial the number where you want to send the fax
    All fax machines should work with FiOS Digital Voice, but you may have to check your fax machine's manual to ensure compatibility.

    You cannot talk and send a fax at the same time unless you have a separate dedicated FiOS Digital Voice line for fax purposes. However, you can use your broadband connection to search the Web while you are sending a fax.

      Charges For Sending a Fax

      • If faxes are sent within the domestic calling area, there are no extra charges if you have an unlimited calling plan.

      • If you have the Per Minute Plan you will be charged for all domestic calls including faxes that you send.

      • You will be charged for faxes sent to international destinations at the same rates as international phone calls. International charges apply no matter what calling plan you have.
      Fax Transmissions Will Appear In Your Call Logs

      Your fax transmissions will appear in your call logs just like regular incoming calls (for faxes received) or outgoing calls (for faxes sent).

      Fax Troubleshooting

      If you are having trouble sending or receiving faxes via your FiOS Digital Voice service, consult your fax machine’s user guide to ensure set up is done properly. If it is and you are still unable to fax please contact Verizon Technical Support.

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