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Inside Wire Maintenance Verizon Inside Wire Maintenance covers diagnosis and repair of the inside telephone wire and jacks that provide your Verizon dial tone service. With an inside wire maintenance plan, you will not pay any labor or material charges if you need a telephone technician to make repairs covered by the plan.

Telephone wire and jacks have a long life and do not normally go bad just because of age. But many things, including everyday wear and tear, can damage the telephone wire or jacks inside your home. For example, damage can occur from activities such as home repair, someone accidentally cutting the wire, an animal scratching through the wire, something knocking the jack loose, or other unforeseen events.

It is not possible to predict when or how frequently this type of damage occurs. Since the charge you pay for basic Verizon residential telephone service does not cover these types of repairs, it is your responsibility to get your wire or jacks fixed if something does go wrong. With Inside Wire Maintenance, you do not pay for unexpected or expensive repairs to your jacks or inside wire that are covered by the plan.


Inside Wire Maintenance coverage varies by region and plan. Please check the contract that came with your Plan for specific information.
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