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  • Making Long Distance Calls Direct-Dialed Long Distance Calls To direct-dial a long distance call, or make the call without operator assistance, dial 1 + area code + number.

    Calls to numbers with an 800/877/888 area code are toll-free calls. You can call 800/877/888 numbers by dialing directly. You can save money by dialing your calls direct without involving the operator.
    Operator Assistance for Long Distance Calls To make a toll call, you can dial the number yourself, or you can have an operator help you with the following types of calls:

    • Collect Calls: Collect calls are especially convenient if you are calling from a pay phone or other location and you do not have the required change. Just tell the operator you want the call to be “Collect” and the operator will ask the person you are calling to accept charges for the call.

    • Person-to-Person: Making a person-to-person call is very efficient as it ensures that you will only be charged for the call if the particular person or specific extension you are calling is available. The operator will stay on the line to make sure that person or extension is reached.

    • Third Number Billed: If you are away from home and do not have correct change, you can ask the operator to bill the call to your home number or another number if the party will accept the charges.

    Note Additional surcharges may apply.

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