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  • Types of Long Distance Calling Third-Number Billing Use third-number billing to place a long distance call from someone else's house or office and have the charges appear on your telephone bill. You can request third-number billing from the operator.

    Third-number billing is also useful if you are calling from a pay phone and do not want to call collect. When you request third-number billing from a pay phone, someone must answer the third number and approve the call before it can be completed.
    Person-to-Person Calling person-to-person ensures that you will be charged for the call only if the particular person or specific extension you are calling is available.

    Additional charges usually apply to place a person-to-person call.
    Collect Calling Collect service can be used to place a domestic (via any access method) or inbound international calls (via a toll-free number to the US only) and to request that the call be billed to the called number.

    Note Some institutions do not allow outgoing collect calls.

    Verizon does not prevent you from receiving any collect calls, but the operator will ask if you want to accept charges for the call before the call is connected.

    Note Toll charges as well as additional operator surcharges apply to a collect call.

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