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How Do I Set Up My Amazon Echo, Alexa Voice Controls and Fios By Verizon? Follow these instructions.
Alexa Setup

How To Set Up Amazon Echo, Alexa Voice Controls and Fios TV Service

Alexa Setup and Use

    1. If your Echo device is new, please download the Amazon Alexa app to your mobile device and follow the initial account set up instructions from Amazon
    2. Go to Music, Video & Books in the Alexa app and select Fios from the list and tap Enable
    3. When prompted, log in to your Verizon Fios account using your user ID and password credentials
    4. Alexa will look for all your Fios set-top boxes
      To get started, press the “D” key on your Fios TV remote pointed at the set-top box you want to pair your Alexa device with. The name of that set-top box will appear in the bottom right of your TV screen
    5. Select the button next to the device name that matches, then tap continue.
    6. Next, if you have more than one Alexa device, you can choose which one you wish to link to your set-top box
    7. Tap Return to Fios when finished linking
    8. Try saying, Alexa, tune to channel 899 to test your Echo device and pairing connection to your Fios services
    9. If Alexa does not respond by changing the channel, please go to for additional help with Alexa voice services.
  • To do this…

    Say this…

    Change channels.

    For live TV services, Alexa can tune to a specific channel (by channel number and/or channel name).

    “Alexa, switch to [channel / network]”

    “Alexa, change the channel to [channel / network / number]”

    “Alexa, change to [channel / network]”

    “Alexa, turn on [channel / network]”

    “Alexa, watch [channel / network]”

    Find and play specific titles.

    Alexa can search for movies, TV shows, and other programming by title, actor, genre, or category. You can also start playback from search results using your voice.

    “Alexa watch [movie / TV show / episode]”

    “Alexa, show me [kids / news / sports / etc] programs”

    “Alexa, find [movie / TV shows with [actor]”

    Control playback.

    Alexa can control video playback for live and on-demand content.

    “Alexa, fast-forward”

    “Alexa, rewind”

    “Alexa, fast-forward [time frame]”

    “Alexa, rewind [timeframe]”

Fios TV Voice Control with Amazon Alexa & How to Set up

Pair your Verizon Fios set-top box with Amazon Alexa and enjoy easy, hands-free, voice control over your TV. Tell Alexa to change the channel, search for TV shows, movies, video On Demand and more.

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