Support TV Set-top Box & DVR Video Media Server 1100

Video Media Server 1100 (VMS1100)

The VMS1100 HD Video Media Server is an advanced whole home solution for viewing on up to five TVs in the home.

  • Set up or installation
  • User guide and features
  • Wiring instructions
  • 4K viewing options

To connect and activate your VMS1100, use the guided self-install tool in My Verizon or the My Fios app. When signed in, you can access the tool from the dashboard. Activation may take up to 20 minutes.

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For additional information, please refer to your VMS 1100 user guide.

VMS1100 Dimensions

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For premium TV programming functionalities add a second Verizon Video Media Server.

Connect to a high-definition TV using:

4K Purchase Information

  • 4K Ultra HD! Awesome! What can I get?

  • Fios is excited to offer 4K UHD content to our customers. Our 4K offering is always growing. We currently have content available in 4K for:

    • Select On Demand titles for rental & purchase
    • Select content from Netflix (Netflix premium subscription required)
    • Select content from YouTube


  • How can I tell if a Fios TV title is available in 4K?

  • On the Product Information Page, you’ll see a description of the ‘Audio and video’ for the program. If the program is available in 4K, you’ll see it listed as 4K HDR10 or 4K

  • How do I buy 4K content?

    • Purchasing 4K content is as easy as you’d expect
    • When you find the program that you’d like, select the ‘Buy from $xx.xx’ button
    • You’ll see an option to buy the title in your desired resolution, ie. Buy 4K $xx.xx, Buy HD $xx.xx and/or Buy SD $xx.xx
    • You’ll see a message confirming to you that your TV and set-top box equipment need to be 4K capable in order to watch in 4K
    • After your complete your purchase, you’ll still be able to watch your title in HD
    • If you’re ready to playback 4K content, learn about Fios TV One


  • On the bottom left corner of my set-top box, it says that I have a VMS1100 or IPC1100. Can I buy 4K content?

  • Yes. We want to give you the opportunity to start building and growing your 4K library now. Even though your VMS1100/IPC1100 set-top box isn’t capable of playing back 4K content, that shouldn’t stop you from building your library.

    If you’re ready to playback 4K content, learn about Fios TV One.

  • Can I order 4K from the website or Fios TV app for mobile devices?

  • Unfortunately, making 4K purchases is currently limited to set-top boxes only

    If you have already purchased a title in 4K, you can still watch that title on and/or Fios TV app - in the resolutions (HD/SD) supported by those devices

4K Playback Information

  • How do I play my 4K Fios TV titles?

  • As a reminder, you can’t playback 4K content from a VMS1100 set-top box. You can still watch your titles in HD, and when you’re ready watch in 4K upgrade to learn about upgrading to Fios TV One

    You can access your Fios TV titles in the same manner as any of your other purchases:

    • Launch On Demand (press the On Demand button on the remote control)
    • Move to the My Stuff menu item
    • Scroll down to the Purchases & rentals rail and select your desired title


  • What equipment do I need to have in order to play content in 4K?

    • 4K capable set-top box - learn about upgrading to Fios TV One
    • HDMI Cable with 4K support
    • 4K capable TV
    • If you have an audio/video receiver, soundbar or other device that sits between your set-top box and your TV, you’ll have to make sure that those capable of and are setup properly to support 4K


  • What types of 4K Ultra HD content are supported?

  • If you upgrade to Fios TV One, you’ll get to experience content in 4K in any of these formats - learn more about upgrading to Fios TV One

    • 4K HDR10
    • 4K SDR


  • Can I playback 4K content through my mobile device?

  • At this time, playback of 4K content is limited to Fios TV One and Fios TV One Mini

    You can still playback your content on or Fios TV App in the specific resolutions supported by each of those devices

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