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FiOS Internet Service Requirement Equipment If you do not already have Verizon FiOS Internet Service, the following equipment will also be installed by your Verizon FiOS TV technician:
  • An Optical Network Terminal (ONT) will be installed on the outside of your home, and a battery backup unit will be installed inside your home or garage. The ONT needs to be plugged into an electrical outlet inside your garage or home, so you'll need to ensure an outlet is located close to where the ONT will be installed.

  • A router is used to provide program information and On Demand programming to your Set-Top Boxes over the coaxial TV wires in your home. The broadband router provides a more secure networking environment and ensures the quality of service necessary to deliver the FiOS TV experience. In the future, should you choose, the router will facilitate application and content sharing in your home between your TVs and computers.


If you have Verizon FiOS Internet Service, then you already have an ONT and router in place. No additional ONT or router is needed. The router used for your FiOS TV service must be the same router you use with your FiOS Internet Service.

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