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What is a Digital Cable Ready (DCR) device? A DCR device is a TV, DVR, or other electronic receiver capable of providing access to certain High Definition (HD) and Standard Definition (SD) digital services.

DCR devices can also provide access to encrypted digital services without the need for a Set-Top Box when a CableCard is inserted into the slot labeled "CableCard" or "POD" (Point of Deployment), usually located at the back of the TV.

Certain advanced features are not available when you use a CableCard, such as:
  • FiOS TV Interactive Media Guide
  • On Demand
  • FiOS TV Widgets
  • Parental Controls

To access these types of features you need a Set-Top Box.


Will my device work with a CableCard?
Devices that work with a CableCard must be labeled as "DCR" by their manufacturers. If your device is not labeled "DCR" it is not likely to work with a CableCard.

For instance, TVs labeled as "Integrated Digital Tuner" (but not DCR) do not accept a CableCard and will need a Set-Top Box to provide access to encrypted digital content.

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