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Using FiOS Mobile Remote to control additional Set-Top Boxes

To use your mobile device with another FiOS TV HD DVR or Set-Top Box in your home, you must first register your mobile device with that Set-Top Box.


Follow the registration instructions you used when you registered the first Set-Top Box in your home.



Once you've registered the additional Set-Top Box, Verizon sends a text message to your mobile device that contains a link to install the FiOS Mobile Remote application. However, since you've already installed the application, please ignore this message.

  1. If you haven't already done so, connect to the same Wi-Fi router where your FiOS TV HD DVR or HD Set-Top Box is connected. 

  2. Open the FiOS Mobile Remote application on your mobile device.

    The application automatically connects to the first Set-Top Box in your house.

  3. After FiOS Mobile Remote connects to the first Set-Top Box, the application opens the FiOS Mobile Remote Main menu. Press the STB button in the top-right.

  4. The application shows a list of STBs:


    STB 1
    – The first STB you registered (perhaps your living room STB).
    STB 2 – This could be your bedroom STB.

  5. Select the STB name you want to register.

    Once you've registered multiple STBs in your home, you can easily switch between them. When the FiOS Mobile Remote application is open on your mobile device, press the STB button in the top-right corner of your screen. The application searches for all the FiOS TV HD DVR or HD Set-Top Boxes you have registered with this mobile number.

    The STB name flashes in top-right corner of your TV, and a list of STBs is displayed on your mobile device. Select the STB name you want to use with your mobile device.

See Also: Learn more about FiOS Mobile Remote
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