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Setting up Widgets for the first time

Widgets display local information such as weather and traffic based on your zip code. The first time you use the Widgets feature, you need to set it up through your remote control.

FiOS TV Widget
  1. From your remote control, press the Menu button and use the arrow buttons to select Widgets. Press OK/Select.
    Note: Depending on the type of remote control you have, you'll need to press either the OK or Select button to make a selection.
  2. Enter your 5-digit zip code using the number buttons on your remote control and select Save. Press OK/Select.
  3. The weather and traffic information for the zip code you selected appears in addition to the TV program you're currently watching.

  4. Press the Exit button on your remote to exit the Widget setup.
  5. Note: If the zip code is invalid, or you would like to get information for another location, repeat this procedure.

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