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Learn about sports blackouts

Sports leagues and associations negotiate broadcast rights with local and national channels. As a TV service provider, Verizon is bound to adhere to the broadcast restrictions that are contracted between governing sports bodies and broadcasters.


Blackouts occur due to one of the following reasons:

  • A sports league or association has granted a national broadcaster exclusive rights to air a given sports event. For example: ESPN has exclusive rights to air games that begin after 5 p.m. ET on Sundays.
  • A sporting event is not sold out in time to lift blackout restrictions in a team’s home market. For example: NFL blackout restrictions apply if Sunday afternoon games are not sold out within 72 hours of kick-off.


Use the Sports Blackout Lookup Tool or Ask Verizon

Use the Lookup Tool to find out if a game is scheduled for blackout in your region. Blackout information is available up to 15 days before game time and is updated daily:


  • Use the Sports Blackout Lookup Tool


  • Check Ask Verizon for today’s blackouts for your zip code:
    1. In the Ask Verizon box to the right, click Ask Now, type sports blackout in the Ask text box and click Ask.
    2. Next, type your zip code and click Ask. If there are sports blackouts in your region today, they will appear in the Ask Verizon window.


Blackouts by Sport

Here are some current blackout guidelines by sport:


NOTE: Sports blackout rules change from time to time. As a general rule, if a game is blacked out in your area, always check your Interactive Media Guide to see if the game is airing on another FiOS TV channel.

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