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Common questions about 3D Programming

Below are some commonly asked questions about 3D TV programming:


Can I watch regular 2D TV on my 3D TV or will everything be 3D?

If you have a 3D-enabled HD TV and FiOS TV service, you can switch between viewing 2D or 3D programming as needed.


Does 3D programming cost more than my current FiOS service?

There may be an additional charge for some 3D programming—just as there is for some Video On Demand titles or Pay Per View events. 


How come there is such a limited selection of true 3D programs available?

We are committed to delivering the very best in entertainment—and that means we’re adding 3D content as fast as it becomes available. However, 3D-enabled TV’s are new and are just now coming into the marketplace. Consequently, content providers are just beginning to create more content in full 3D for home viewing.


Some 2D content is being re-worked and retro-fitted to add a 3rd dimension to it. Look for full 3D channels and more 3D content coming soon.


Will FiOS TV 3D programming work on any 3D TV?

We follow industry standards for 3D thereby ensuring FiOS TV 3D programming works on any 3D TV.


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