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FAQs about Multi-Hub DVR

What is Multi-Hub DVR?
Multi-Hub DVR is a feature of the Multi-Room DVR service that extends multi-room flexibility to households that have more than one DVR. With Multi-Room DVR, one DVR acts as the "Hub" DVR while other DVRs are Terminal DVRs. Regardless of which type of DVR has recorded programming, you can view recorded shows from any Set-Top Box in your home.

Is there a monthly service charge for Multi-Hub DVR?

There is no monthly service charge for Multi-Hub DVR as long as you are a Multi-Room DVR subscriber.

What do I need to subscribe to Multi-Hub DVR Service?
You need two or more DVRs and must subscribe to the Multi-Room DVR service.

What are the differences between Multi-Room DVR and Multi-Hub DVR?

Multi-Room DVR is primarily used if you have a single DVR and at least one non-DVR Set-Top Box. Multi-Hub DVR is used when you have at least two DVRs and typically one or more Set-Top Boxes.

Do Terminal DVRs have the same functionality as Hub DVRs?
From a Terminal DVR you can play or delete recordings that reside on the Hub DVR. However, if a particular recording has been marked protected on the Hub DVR then it cannot be deleted through a Terminal DVR.

Is Multi-Hub DVR available where I live?

Verizon is rolling out Multi-Hub DVR over the next several weeks to all FiOS TV service areas.

How will I know when Multi-Hub DVR is available where I live?

If you currently have Multi-Room DVR service and more than one DVR, the process should be seemless. You just need to ensure that your DVRs have been named in the FiOS TV Interactive Media Guide (IMG). 

How do I access my DVRs from other Set-Top Boxes in my home?

You can access your DVRs through the FiOS TV Media Guide from other Set-Top Boxes. However, you first need to be sure that you have named each DVR from that particular DVR.

Follow the procedure below for all DVRs that you have not named: 

  1. Press the Menu button on your remote control.

  2. Select Settings, then select DVR.

  3. Select Multi-room Settings and the select Name this DVR.

    The Name Your STB menu appears.

  4. You can either select an existing name or enter a custom name for this DVR.

    Naming your Set-Top Box

    Once you have named the DVR, the name appears in the DVR Recordings menu.

    You can view or play the recordings that reside on this DVR from any Set-Top Box connected to your Multi-Room DVR service.


Naming your Set-Top Box
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