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No Video on TV

There are several reasons why you may not be receiving video reception ranging from an electrical issue to an incorrect channel setting. If you use an HDMI connection, your TV and Set-Top Box may have become unsynchronized.


Follow the instructions below that apply to your issue.



Condition Example Troubleshooting
Black Screen
(No Reception)
Image depicting No TV reception (Black Screen) Follow these instructions
Blue Screen Image depicting Blue Screen on TV Follow these instructions




I have an HDMI connection

If you are using HDMI cables, check to make sure your TV and Set-Top Box have not become unsychronized.

Re-synchronize your TV and Set-Top Box:

  1. Turn off your TV, then turn off your Set-Top Box.
  2. Turn the Set-Top Box back on, then turn the TV back on.

    Your TV and Set-Top Box should now be working properly.

Image depicting No TV reception (Black Screen)Image depicting Blue Screen on TV SolutionDesc1=14957,14959
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