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Trading in your old phone?

Remove your Google account from your old phone before getting started.

Step 1 Turn off your old phone

Step 2 Power on your new phone

Hold the power button until the device vibrates, then release and wait for the "Samsung" screen to appear.

Step 3 Welcome

From the "Let's go!" screen, select the appropriate language, then tap the Start arrow.

Step 4 Agree to the Terms and Conditions

From the "Check out some info to get started" screen, select I have read and agree to all of the above, then tap Next.

5 Connect to Wi-FiStep 5 Connect to Wi-Fi

From the "Set up Wi-Fi" screen, select a network. Enter the password and tap Connect or Skip the step. If your network isn't shown, tap Refresh List.

6 Sign in to GoogleStep 6 Sign in to Google

Sign in to your Google account, then tap Next or create a new one. Signing in to Google allows you to access Gmail and your Google apps.

7 Protect your phoneStep 7 Protect your phone

Add a PIN, pattern, password, face recognition, or fingerprints or choose Not now to bypass locking your screen.

8 Set up Google servicesStep 8 Set up Google services

Google offers a variety of services that help many of their apps function better. Review all of them and tap the corresponding switch to turn them on. You may need to scroll down to see all of the services. Switches are turned on when in the blue position. Tap Accept after you've turned on all the services you want.

9 Activate your new Samsung Galaxy A20Step 9 Activate your new Samsung Galaxy A20

From the "Phone activation" screen, tap Next. Please allow a few minutes for activation to complete.

10 Bring your old dataStep 10 Bring your old data

From the "Bring your old data for quicker setup" screen, select an option, then tap Next.

11 Set up Verizon servicesStep 11 Set up Verizon services

Verizon Services help to improve your experience and optimize your service. Select Location info and Apps info, then tap Accept.

12 Set up Verizon CloudStep 12 Set up Verizon Cloud

Verizon Cloud gives you added protection by backing up your important information to the cloud. Set up Verizon Cloud by tapping Next or Skip the step.

13 Email setupStep 13 Email setup

Select an email account type, then enter your sign-in info to add your email or Skip the step.

14 Add Verizon Security & PrivacyStep 14 Add Verizon Security & Privacy

Verizon Security & Privacy protects your phone from malware, viruses and other threats. Set up Verizon Security by tapping Accept or Skip the step.

15 Samsung accountStep 15 Samsung account

From the "Sign in to your Samsung account" screen, sign in to your existing account, create a new account or Skip the step.

16 You're all doneStep 16 You're all done

From the "Setup Wizard is complete" screen, tap Done to complete setup.