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Hum+ by Verizon - Support Overview

Hum+ by Verizon helps make your car smarter, safer and more connected. Find device-specific support and online tools for Hum+ by Verizon.

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Activation, Setup & User Guides

Hum+ by Verizon - Charge the Speaker

Here's info on how to charge the speak on your Hum+.

Hum+ by Verizon - Manage Primary Driver Contact

Here's how to add or edit a primary driver for your Hum+ by Verizon.

Hum+ by Verizon - View Web Portal Info

Here's how to view vehicle diagnostics, reminders, alerts and contact assistance numbers for your Hum+ device.

Hum+ by Verizon Quick Start Guide (PDF)

This Quick Start Guide can help you get the most out of your device.

Video: Setting Up Hum by Verizon
(length: 3:04)

Watch this video to learn how to setup your Hum by Verizon in just four easy steps!
Length: 3:04


How to Clean / Disinfect Your Device

Here's how to properly clean / disinfect / sanitize your smartphone / tablet / basic phone / smartwatch / jetpack.

Hum by Verizon FAQs

Hum by Verizon makes almost any vehicle safer and smarter with remote location and speed tracking, live roadside assistance, vehicle diagnostics and more.

Hum+ by Verizon - Switch Service to a Different Vehicle

Here's how to move your Hum+ system from one vehicle to another.

Video: Hum helps teen driver safety
(length: 3:04)

Help your teen develop safe driving habits with the help of Hum's safe driving app. Share the rules of the road and equip them with the right safety features.
Length: 3:04

Video: Hum's Auto Health and Roadside Assistance
(length: 3:04)

Hum lets you check your car's health from your phone and detect problems before you hit the road, all from inside the app.
Length: 3:04

Battery & Power

Hum+ by Verizon - Power the Speaker On / Off

Here's how to power the Bluetooth speaker on your Hum+ on or off.


Hum+ by Verizon - Create a Paired Connection

Here's how to create a paired connection between a Bluetooth-capable phone or tablet and your Hum+.

Hum+ by Verizon - Turn Bluetooth On / Off

Here's how to turn Bluetooth on or off for your Hum+ speaker and make it visible to other devices for pairing.

Calling & Dialing

Hum+ by Verizon - Answer a Call

Here's how to answer a call via your Hum+ device.

Hum+ by Verizon - Contact an Emergency Assistance Specialist

Here's info on how to contact an emergency assistance specialist via your Hum+ device.

Device Settings

Hum+ by Verizon - Device Set

For more info on the hardware components included with the Hum+, view this info.

Operating System & Software

Reboot the Router

If you can't connect to your Wi-Fi router, rebooting or restarting the may help.

Sounds, Volume & Audio

Hum+ by Verizon - Volume Controls

Here's how to adjust the volume for your Hum+ device.