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Activate your new router or set up your replacement router

Learn how to activate your new Verizon Internet Gateway router or set up your replacement router.

  1. Need help activating your new Verizon Internet Gateway router?

  2. To activate your new router:

    1. Open the My Verizon App.

      Note: If you don’t already have a My Verizon account, download the My Verizon app from the Apple® App Store® or Google™ Play Store. Then create an account using your order number.
    2. Click this link from a mobile device or type this URL into a mobile browser: setup.verizon.com/verizoninternetgateway.
    3. Follow the step-by-step instructions to begin your setup.

    If you need help at any time during the self-setup, you can tap the (?) icon in the My Verizon App to call Verizon Support.

  3. Need help setting up the replacement Verizon Internet Gateway router?

  4. Here's how to set up the Verizon Internet Gateway replacement router:

    Before you begin:

    1. Do not plug in the Internet Gateway.
    2. Call 800-922-0204 or *611 (from a Verizon mobile device) to activate your router.

      You may be prompted to enter your 4-digit account PIN and Internet Gateway mobile number (not to be confused with your mobile phone number). Your Internet Gateway mobile number can be found on your customer receipt included in the shipment.
    3. After you've followed the call prompts, refer to the setup instructions in the box to start the Verizon Internet Gateway.

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