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Wireless Service Checklist FAQs

General Information

  1. Can I bring my own compatible phone?

    Yes, you can activate your own phone, tablet or other device if it's approved by Verizon Wireless. To determine whether your device is approved, check compatibility on our Activate Your Verizon Wireless Device page.

  2. Does Verizon Wireless use device locks or software protection apps on devices?

    We have a Device Unlocking Policy that covers devices on standard monthly plans and prepaid devices. It also covers the policy for Deployed Military Personnel.

    Read the Verizon Wireless Device Unlocking Policy.

  3. What device protection options does Verizon offer?

    For more information on the device protection options available for your Verizon mobile device, including cost and program details, refer to our Device Protection Comparison Chart.

  4. What coverage mapping resources does Verizon Wireless offer?

    With our Coverage Locator, you can check domestic coverage by state, city, ZIP code or specific address.

  5. Does Verizon Wireless add additional fees and surcharges to my bill?

    Yes, your bill will include any applicable state and local taxes and Verizon Wireless surcharges. These charges are in addition to your plan's monthly access charge and the monthly charges associated with any optional services you subscribe to.

    In addition to any Verizon Wireless surcharges assessed based on the service address for your primary place of use, surcharges include (i) a Regulatory Charge (which helps defray various government charges we pay including government number administration and license fees); (ii) a Federal Universal Service Charge (and, if applicable, a State Universal Service Charge) to recover charges imposed on us by the government to support universal service; and (iii) an Administrative Charge, which helps defray certain expenses we incur, including: charges we, or our agents, pay local telephone companies for delivering calls from our customers to their customers; fees and assessments on our network facilities and services; property taxes; and the costs we incur responding to regulatory obligations. Please note that these are Verizon Wireless charges, not taxes. These charges, and what's included, are subject to change from time to time.

  6. How does Verizon Wireless calculate late payment fees?

    Late fees are calculated at a rate of 1.5% of the past due balance or $5, whichever is greater, subject to any applicable law that may limit such fees.

  7. What Verizon Wireless service options don't require a long-term contract?

    You can activate service without a long-term contract if you:

    • Activate with a Verizon Wireless compatible device that you already own
    • Pay full price for a new device
    • Activate prepaid service

    Note: Some promotions may require a term contract.

  8. Can I change Verizon Wireless plans during my contract term? If so, are there any required fees or contract extensions?

    You can change to any qualifying plan that suits your needs at any time without having to pay a fee or extend your contract.

  9. How long is the Verizon Wireless trial period?

    At Verizon Wireless, we stand behind our service. If you're not completely satisfied, you can cancel service within 14 days and pay no early termination fee, if you return your device. A restocking fee may apply.

  10. What taxes, fees and other charges am I responsible for if I cancel during the Verizon Wireless trial period? Will my activation fee be refunded?

    If you cancel service within 14 days and return your device, then you need to pay for only the charges you incurred.

    The activation fee is waived if you cancel service within the first 3 days.

    You won't need to pay an early termination fee if you return the device you purchased at a discount at the time of activation. The device must be in good working condition along with all packaging and included materials. A restocking fee may apply.

  11. What is third-party content?

    Third-party content is anything you might download or access from your phone that's not developed by Verizon Wireless. Some examples include apps, ringtones and videos.

  12. Can I block charges for third-party content from appearing on my bill?

    We offer a free service blocking feature that you can set up for each mobile device on your account. It can limit the device's messaging and data capabilities. You can block different types of purchases like ringtones, in-app purchases and more.

    You can purchase Verizon Smart Family™ to set usage limits for voice and messaging, restrict the time of day that the device can be used and more. Learn more about Verizon Smart Family by visiting the Verizon Smart Family page.

  13. What tools does Verizon Wireless offer to help me monitor and manage my data, text and voice usage? What charges, if any, apply to each of these tools?

    We have several free tools you can use to manage your account and monitor your usage. You can monitor your account online or from your phone with My Verizon. We also have numbers you can call free of charge from your device to check your voice and data usage.

    To find out more, visit our Tools for Monitoring Usage page.

  14. Will you alert me before and/or after I incur data overage charges for exceeding my data plan allowances? Can I opt out of any courtesy alerts?

    You can manage the data alerts you receive in My Verizon. You can be notified by text message and/or email when you've used certain percentages (e.g., 75%, 100%, etc.) of your monthly allowances. You can also opt out of these alerts in My Verizon.

    For more information on My Verizon alerts, refer to our My Verizon Alerts FAQs.

  15. Where can I learn about Verizon Wireless International Services and their costs?

    To find information on our International Services, refer to our Global and International Services page.

  16. Can I block international roaming?

    You may be able to block international roaming depending on the type of device you use, the service you wish to block, and the country you're traveling to. To evaluate your options, click the Chat with us button at the bottom right corner of this page to contact one of our representatives.

  17. What account management tools does Verizon Wireless offer to restrict or limit the device’s use by minors? Is there a fee for using the controls?

    You can add Verizon Smart Family to your account. It lets you set usage limits for voice and messaging, restrict the time of day that the device can be used and more

    In addition, you can add a free data block feature, which limits the device's use to voice, text messaging and multimedia messaging. You can also block individual data services, like Media Center purchases, third-party purchases and more.

    Verizon Smart Family Premium is included with our child-friendly smartphone plan, Just Kids. Just Kids simplifies your child’s first smartphone experience and lets parents set smarter use boundaries. Learn more about the Just Kids plan.

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