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Why is the Internet so slow? There are many places where the Internet can slow down. The route that data must follow to become a page on your monitor can be long.

Let's start with the Web server after it gets your request for a page. The server could be slower than other servers, or it could be serving many pages at once, which could slow it down, or the server could be in the middle of a maintenance check.

After the server sends the page, the Internet connections could route pieces of the page over slower connections.

Your connection may be undergoing some interference at another line in your home or at the phone company.

If all of that goes well, your computer could be running some background tasks, like a print job, which may make your machine take longer than usual to load a page.

The problem may not be as obvious as it had first seemed. The Internet is a shared resource where thousands of pieces work together. It is an anarchy of different brands, makes and models of computers and cables and fiber optics and satellite links. So sometimes it may take a little longer than others to view a Web page.
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