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Using McAfee Virus Guard to detect and remove spyware Although McAfee Virus Guard is best-known for virus scanning and removal, it also detects programs that may be adware, spyware, Trojan horses, homepage hijackers, or web dialers.

Virus Guard consists of two programs:
  • ActiveShield to detect spyware
  • VirusScan to remove spyware that is already on your computer
Verizon Online with MSNĀ® Premium includes McAfee Virus Guard to help remove viruses and worms from your computer. Learn more about downloading Verizon Online with MSN Premium.

Note: If you have installed Verizon Online with MSN Premium but never used Virus Guard, you must first install and activate the Virus Guard software.

Detecting Spyware
Once you install the Virus Guard software, you can configure ActiveShield to run in the background whenever Windows is running. After you configure ActiveShield, no further action is required until it detects spyware. Then, a pop-up displays and you determine what action is taken.

Removing Spyware
If you suspect you have spyware on your computer, you should use VirusScan to scan your entire hard drive.

Manually scanning for spyware:
  1. Right-click the McAfee icon (Figure depicting McAfee icon) in your Windows system tray.

  2. Click Scan for Viruses under VirusScan.

  3. Select the drive you want to scan in the "Location to Scan" pane.

  4. Select the Scan for potentially unwanted applications option. All other options can be cleared.

  5. Click Scan.

  6. Any spyware programs found during the scan are listed in the dialog box.
  7. Select each spyware program listed and click Delete.

  8. If the file cannot be deleted, click Quarantine to isolate and encrypt the file in a temporary directory until an appropriate action can be taken.

For more information on McAfee products, refer to the McAfee online help or the documentation available from the McAfee Web site.
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