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  • How to Use Three-Way Calling Whether you made or received the initial call, you can use Three-Way Calling to add a third person to your call at any time. Adding a third person to your call
    1. After calling the first party, press your phone's recall feature (Flash, hookswitch, or recall button, depending on the type of phone you have).
      This puts the person in your first conversation on hold.

    2. Listen for three short tones followed by a dial tone.

    3. Dial the number for the third party you want to bring into the call.
      After the third party answers, only you and that person are connected. The first party is on hold and cannot hear your conversation until you complete the procedure. If the third party's line is busy or there is no answer, you can return to the first party by pressing the recall feature twice.

    4. Press your phone's recall feature for one second to bring the first party back into the conversation and complete the Three Way Call.
    Disconnecting the callers
    • Either person can leave the conversation by hanging up.
      You will still be connected to the other person.
      A person who hangs up can return to the conversation by picking up their receiver again.

    • You can disconnect the third person at any time by pressing the recall feature (flash key, hookswitch, or hang-up button) once.

    • Hang up to disconnect the entire three-way call.
      The other parties are disconnected automatically.
    Additional Three-Way Calling information
    • If the second line is busy or there is no answer, return to the first caller by pressing the recall feature twice.

    • Either of your connections can be local or long distance. All local, regional toll and long distance charges apply.

    • Three-Way Calling is offered in some areas on a "pay-per-use" basis. Rates vary by state.

    • This service is not available to pay phone and Centrex customers.

    Note To avoid placing a three-way call accidentally, hang up your phone for at least three seconds between every call, whether it is a three-way call or not, to reset your phone line. If you have a fax machine or modem that allows simultaneous dialing, make sure you reprogram it to allow at least three seconds between transmissions.

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