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  • FiOS Digital Voice Virtual Telephone Number

    A FiOS Digital Voice Virtual Telephone Number is a telephone number that acts as a second or "alternate" phone number for incoming calls only. You can choose up to five Alternate Telephone Numbers from any of the available FiOS Digital Voice Area Codes using Verizon's Pick Your Own Area Code feature. Not all Area Codes are available.

    Alternate Telephone Numbers can be used only for incoming calls to your Main FiOS Digital Voice telephone number. Therefore, someone located in the same local calling area as your Alternate Number will only pay for a Local call when calling your Alternate Telephone Number.
    Ordering a Virtual or  Alternate Telephone Number To order a Virtual or Alternate Telephone Number:
    1. Log in to your FiOS Digital Voice Account Manager.

    2. Click Extras.

    3. Click Order Virtual Number and follow the provided instructions.

    Distinctive Ring

    This product is no longer available to new customers. Customers in CT, DC, DE, MA, NJ, NY, PA, RI, VA who currently subscribe to the product and remove it will not be able to re-order.

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